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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
XL A.S. Directed by Tim Burton. Starring Christopher Lee, Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore

Charlie & The Chocolate FactoryThe book as well as the original cinematic presentation holds a special place in My heart, and remains an occasional pleasure for evocative entertainment. I wrote a review for the original film with Gene Wilder here, which remains the optimum adaptation, in My opinion. There are certain noticable comparisons that can be made, however. While Gene Wilder portrays Wonka as more of a misanthropic mad scientist-type of personality, Johnny Depp portrays the "Candy Dandy" character in an effeminate and androgynous manner {somewhat reminiscent of Michael Jackson, sans the perverse connotation; almost like what Jackson wishes he was} with a rather dubious overbite, sometimes even getting in the way of speech leaving him with a slight lisp. Still, that observation matters little in the overall manifestation here, as it was quite enjoyable for its own sake, although I found the one actor used for the Umpah-Loompahs rather pugnacious to be honest, even though Umpah Land is said to be located in some tropical location - I could definitely see the need for makeup here. This may have been an opportunity for Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis, or "Wee Man" to become involved. Also, instead of the flute to call them forth, he utters some sort of amazonian call, and does not sing a bit.

Included in this version, the origins of little Willy Wonka as a stuffy dentist's son who refused him sublime Halloween treats - ALL candy in fact, to preserve that bleachy smile encased in a metal contraption reminiscent of the one used in Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" video. The personal identification opposing his oppressive father is obvious, in his subsequent obsession into the candy fetish.

The other actors seem well cast, and the underlying message still gets across. The soundtrack is splendid, rendered marvelously by "Red Wolf" himself, the erubescent Danny Elfman, with vocals included! Actually, I could see him depicting Willy Wonka quite nicely.

Overall, a bit 'softer' than the original, but a charming and fun presentation nonetheless. ∞

[Rating: 4/5]

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