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{XXVII A.S. Directed by Mike Garris. Starring Brian Krause, Mädchen Amick, Alice Krige, Jim Haynie, Cindy Pickett, Ron Perlman}

An odd lycanthropic thriller dealing with an incestuous mother and son living in a country house which becomes surrounded by cats, which the two seem to fear. So much so, that they set up traps on the lawn, which does not seem to work on the feral felines. Turns out they are a couple of real "cat people" themselves, who hunger for the lifeforce of virginal girls, and it is up to the blonde, blue-eyed son to acquire these for his hungry mother. He drives an electric blue Trans-Am AND a cherry red Mustang {the two transform into one another} - what better way to attract young impressionable females? And has aryan looks to boot. He finds a local girl who becomes enamoured with him, and it is not until they spend a romantic afternoon at the cemetary to go grave-rubbing and photographing, that her lust invokes the beast within him, as he eventually begins to orally draw her "soul" forth. They struggle and she becomes horrified at his true appearence, which resembles the vampires from 'Buffy'.

Earlier on, he went on a speeding frenzy likened a Dukes of Hazard sequence, after being confronted by an obnoxiously nosey teacher who in My opinion, really derived what he deserved. An aleurophile cop persues, who has a cat as partner, and becomes disturbed by the sleepwalker's morphing face after it noticed the hissing cat in the car - he eventually literally disappears, car and all. The frustrated officer swears to catch him. Later, when he finally spots the car parked outside the cemetary, he goes to investigate, and is met by the screaming girl, and soon by the "sleepwalker", who receives a shot from the cop's gun, which does not seem to phase him, although being attacked by the cat renders him veritably mangled, and returns to mother.

The girl is kidnapped by mother sleepwalker and is forced to dance with the zombified corpse of the boy via telekinetic manipulation, until the Police arrive and the girl breaks free from her influence.

Highlights include Stephen King and Clive Barker cameo appearences as a cemetary caretaker and a forensic technician.

[Rating: 3/5.]

Tags: sleepwalkers

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