Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Darketypal masks

Dark History. ∞

Tags: archetypes, documentary, history, legends, metaphor, mytheology, psychodrama, psychology of religion, symbolism

Posts from This Journal “documentary” Tag

  • Sinfernal Trinity

    S P E C H T R E U M

  • Dark Prophesy III: ISLAMICIDE

    S ATANIC S ERENADES Ascending muslim prophet Emerging from The Well Decapitate Mo- ham-mad Send him plunging into Hell! Replaced with…

  • Necromancy

    S P E C H T R E U M


    S P E C H T R E U M

  • 忍火

    S P E C H T R E U M

  • RESURRECTION ⸸Knights Templar⸸

    S ATANIC S ERENADES Rise from the dead & become reborn RE-SUR-RECT-ION! Breath of the Devil, alive in Satan RE-SUR-RECT-ION! Unholy…

  • Satan etymology

  • Lucifer explained

    I n Satanism, Lucifer represents the bringer of infernal undefiled wisdom, represented in the hellfire lantern exploring the mysteries of…


    Dark History. Sacrificial Daemonseed metaphor cast to the flames. In a relevant ritalistic context, cast the christling to the hellfire as…

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