Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Prolecaust II


"Square: A person who is conventional and old-fashioned."*

There is an odd attitude among some vapid parentage, perhaps seeking paltry bragging rights, to urge offspring into such recommended pretentious, generic professions like doctor, lawyer, counselor, social worker, even "president", & other public servants, etc., which more often than not, are hypocritical, hackneyed, static, and engender misery, on both sides of the spectrum. Fostering an overwhelming concentration on others' issues, problems, etc., seldomly fully addressing one's own, with only perhaps a day, if that, for respite, and otherwise "vacations" granting the illusion of freedom until returning to be trapped in an office.

As necessary as they may be, in an almost subhuman-like manner, I never met a lawyer, social worker, counselor, et al, I didn't distrust. For they are on a false prescribed path foreign to The true Self. The attitude taken more often than not, is the proceedings are but a game, going through the motions, with little concern for the people employing them except as mere impersonal "clients", treated like pawns, or just pieces in a redundant contest. Ergo, "even though tricksters make the law, justice is served by fang & claw!"

Needless to say, these do not even 'make' the 'law', but are themselves mere pieces in a stale game being puppeteered, rather than acquiring actual justice.

Unfortunately, much the same is increasingly being seen in other professions as well, from incompetent practitioners being placed in undeserved positions who are essentially only there because they were a 'token student' {due to race, religion, disability, mental condition, and other such crutches, etc.}, undeservedly passed by nepotism, pity, or "donation" bribery. Fecalitarian allowances for failures or the unprepared to perpetuate the degree mill. Religiously-based and fly by night 'schools' & 'colleges'. A true "shit on a shingle"! This only goes to foster a de-evolution of the culture & profession, and justify mediocrity.

Exaggerated expectations in professions that the person was probably pressured into by family and overall societal projections. Mostly just for money and selfish proclamations for impoverished egos. Like the garbage man or janitor, somebody's gotta' do it I suppose, but unless that is your "calling" as it were, why would you purposefully want to?

Commonplace responsibilities, as petty as they may be, are necessary to maintain a civilized existence, but are certainly not the be all end all. Shaolin monks are taught to keep the temple and dojo clean, as Karatekas & overall Martial Artists as well should, as a form of discipline, respectfulness, and self-respect.

By the Romani gadjo, Spanish gaucho/i, Portuguese gajo/a, Scottish/Northern English gadgie, stratification is an important element of social Darwinism to consider.

Calling Dr. Bombay! Come right away! Also relates to those afflicted with Samathitis. Magical people should never mate with the non-magical {muggles}, for as such would be a concept of being "unequally yolked", but are for play, and mutual indulgence. To each their own.

To make a true difference by one's own path, wherein true satisfaction and a reason for living is experienced, is through one's own merit entirely. Utilize nascent talents accentuated by The Arts, for to be the originator, the creator, guided by that voice within, The Daemon, leads to completion.

Follow your bliss. True success is fulfillment. What did they wanto be when they were little children? What filled their minds with fascination and were always indelibly drawn towards? Follow our heart, not pocketbook. When you do what you are naturally drawn towards, the needed finances will follow as a course of kismet. Wherein one may enjoy one's riches by the totality of Oneself, not a facsimile thereof. Probably not by commonly conventional means, but the universe always finds a way to propagate creation, and by extension, the creator.

After all...

"One cherished child who can create will be more important than ten who can produce - or fifty who can believe!" - LaVey, Satanic Rituals.

* Foursquare: Hopelessly brainwashed blindlighter double-squares. Men are merely utilitarian and the women are prude stepford wives. Both commonly hypocritical with pretentions of accomplishment through artificial paid degrees, and their ignorance of the subject shows! Overall breeding incompetence and repression! Cultivated stupidity through guilt-complexes masked as "knowledge", or "word of the spirit" nonsense.

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