Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Late Night Drive-In Double-Feature Picture Show...


Batman BeginsI had the opportunity to view the double-feature of Batman Begins and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory earlier this evening, and shall provide a review of both in the near future. I can say that these presentations represented these prototypical Satanic characters nicely, especially Batman, whereas "The Candy Dandy" as I call him, Willy Wonka was 'different' - more effeminate and androgynous than I would have preferred for this role, yet still quite entertaining, and with a really wonderful soundtrack, as Danny Elfman scores tend to be. The Umpa-Loompahs could have been better cast.

These were experienced al-fresco at the Drive-In, much more preferable, in My opinion, than being boxed in with the herd. Outdoors, one has the sky as ceiling, one's own auto provides the seats, or you may bring your own, fresh air courses through, and you can bring your own preferred treats without the smuggling.

This night, we enjoyed the combination of wet Foot-long burritos from Garduno's, and chili cheese fries & nachos from Snappy's.

Last night, I saw a horrendous sinemærotica film entitled "Spider Babe", a spoof of Spiderman, which is just awful. ∞

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