Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

We are The Church of Satan

WE ARE SATANISTSJuly 666th yields a veritable treasure chest to be sure! Contained therein is the WE ARE SATANISTS {The History & Future of The Church of Satan} book, all 700+ pages, which is essentially a release of The Church of Satan - History of The World's Most Notorious Religion, with a plethora of bonus materials - archival photos section added, foreword by HP Gilmore, added articles by HP Nadramia, commentary by various Satanists including Myself [p.406] for segment "What does The Church of Satan mean to you?", additions to recommended filmography {content to read several of My own Dracommendations newly included therein!}; along with added content from The Cloven Hoof newsletter, and... 2 rituals! Those fiendishly empowering Frightday nyte rites of darkness, The Madness of Andelsprutz and Ceremony of The Avoosal {$ rite! Mammon summoned therein, and the assertion of the arachnid as harbinger of monetary influx! Hail The Spider King! Reminds Me of Aragog}.

Black Earth Possession: In coalescence, the cover features the many wonderful amulets obtained through nascent sources. Coursing counter-clockwise: Brimstone, 3D Baphomet, 666 Baphomet, purple Baphomet head, red Pentagram, Nightglow Baphomet, Mgr. Lang's Brimstone pendant, Witch pink Baphomet, Adversary Baphomet, pink "Baphomette" head, 3D, 666 Pentrapezoid, Camazotz Trapezoid, red Hellfire Power Pentagram. A splendid array for every occasion.

I fortuitously obtained the plate version with Magistra Barton's signature encircled in ornate diabolical Baphomet-laden trapezoidal frame; a bookmark featuring an appropriate photo of the author at the Bewitched statue in Salem; and hellegant postcard of the tome.

I first ordered The Church of Satan book from Hell's Kitchen Productions [HKP] when it first came out through The Black Flame magazine, remaining an essential part of The Library ever since; then along with The Secret Life of A Satanist originally acquired from Tower Records, frequently returning to them from cover to cover. Upon the release of the expanded version, it was forthwith summoned to The Noctuary as well. Always thoroughly pleasurable, affirming, and reflective of My thoughts as well.

Also possessed herein, the Eliphas Levi Sabbatic Baphomet Enthroned medallion: Here the pentagram upon the brow is in the proper position, earthen & hellbound, asserting The carnal Beast, who is actually seated upon the earth itself {"Lord of The Earth, and King of The World!"} signifying the hellements complementary in kind; presented within a cameoval shape, granting an impression of Victorian hellegance. Highly-detailed dark silver and sturdy.

Eclipsed {Black} Moon Baphomet medallion; Black gunmetal embossed & etched finely to display the emblem to hellite dimensions, gleaming texture with silver undertones by Hecate's light. Like the face of Satan emerging from the abyss through the darkness of the lunar eclipse upon such nights of Sorcery. Anyone searching for a black plated "Blackomet" will find this proximity.

Reminiscent of formative adornment upon discovering the symbols of dread in what may remind one of that first pewter Baphomet, but here evolved in kind to masterful detail with increased scale & quality.

Baphomet head magnet: Now possessed to complement the Power Pentagram, Camazotz Trapezoid, & Drægon Baphomet, for an infernal phantasmagoria adoring the shrine of Bælzebub!

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