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AHS: Hotel Hell, Apocalypse


So far, many personal synchronicities present. The very name of the place based on The Cecil and XIII Floors} - Hotel Cortez - An ancestral namesake! The owner's name is "Drake", and a detective turned veritable "occult investigator" because of paranormal circumstances is a virtual Emon. Definitely one of those many instances where it makes one wonder of certain scouts taking notes on ones ideas. Some credit would be appreciated!

Countess Elizabeth plays a vampiress preying on local douchebags. There's also vampire albino kids {reminiscent of Village of The Damned} living in a secret game room. A couple of swedish tourist girls become their meal. The Hotel was originally constructed by {snake in a man suit} "James Patrick March" {based on ||||olmes, America's 1st serial killer who constructed a glorious, inspirational murder castle}, which itself is riddled with secret passageways, chutes, false walls, escape routes, hidden chambers, etc. By the by the Hotel becomes occupied by various serial killers including The Nightstalker, The Killer Clown, Aileen Wournos, even Jeffrey Dahmer!

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Episode 3: Mommy.

The Countess' former significant other returns, where I learn that the matronly lady working there is actually his mother! She's completely DMH, and asks the heroin slag to kill her, on account that she had an argument with her son {whom she thinks hates her}, but she's hard to kill, who despite being filled with enough to OD several victims, snores on, so a plastic bag is placed over her head to finish the job.

Predictably, upon his return {after being preyed upon by one of The Countess' former turnovers, a blaxploitation "Jackie Brown" type she met in the 70's {drug peddler?} resents her for killing her 'big bad leroy brown' boyfriend, plugs him into a dialysis machine - which would of course remove all his unholy vampire blood - in an attempt to gain a foothold on the inside, but is released after he informs her that she 'dumped' him last Tuesday!}; regardless, his own insanity brings him back to call on mother, and he's completely miserable among the common herd. He returns while the assisted suicide is in progress, only to rescue her with his vampire blood. [end]

While on the other side of the hotel, the detective now has to deal with his wife attempting suicide and decides to divorce him, but they start to make up in a passionate manner, when their ...missing... {now vampire} child finally emerges from the hidden game room, probably sensing their separation is imminent. [end]

Final Supper
Episodes 4 & 5: Devil's Night, Room Service

Whereupon "Devil's Night" of the 30th is considered the serious stuff while the 31st rather chintzy {amateur night!}, in a manner similar to Mad Monster Party, several serial killers arrive from Hell to gather at The Cortez to celebrate their deadly fetishes in style! Hosted by HH Holmes {the genius loci, some say The Devil in the flesh, wherein he once commented "I was born with The Devil in me", called 'The Master' by the others}, Ritchie, Wuornos, Gacy, Dahmer, and The Zodiac! All very well casted. {No Manson or Son of Sam?} Welcome to The High Holidays! Ha!

Dahmer gets his pretty boytoy, whose skull he drills into to create his perfect zombie lover that will never leave.

Hotel attendant named "Liz Taylor" reminds Me of uncle creepo. His story is that he just "came out" as a transvestite withe help of The Countess, eventually becoming a part of The Hotel Cortez after witnessing the slaughter of his 2 homophobic, misogynistic generic 'pals' by Liz. Good riddance!

Then the vampiric awakening of Iris whose 1st substantial feeding comes of 2 pretentious douchebag hipsters. Good riddance!

Earlier on, another awakening in the feeding of Det. Drake's son Holden & wife/mother in training, in which he turns the whole class into vampires! He really needs direction and structure. They both end up pleasantly sleeping together in an accommodating coffin.

Episode 5: Room 33

Swedish tourist girls return as ghosts. Seduce one guy, kill him, trying to find their "purpose". Seduce Drake on advice of his wife. Probably because he tried to shoot & kill the little demon.

Baby Bartholomew is introduced, Countess Elizabeth's child, a little monster in a Rosemary's Baby dynamic. He has a fanged smile like the boys! Ergo the title of the episode, is that his darkveiled crib is kept in Room 33.

The Countess kills the random model guy after he and Liz Taylor reveal they're in love.

Episodes 7,8,9: Flicker, 10 Commandments, She Wants Revenge

The "10 Commandments Killer" is Drake, revealing his schizophrenia and crusader syndrome that everyone else seemed to see but him. Plus Marsh wants him for his physical successor.

That negress comes back still seeking revenge against The Countess "Elizabeth" {as in 'Bathory'}, but is tricked by "Donovan" to cooperate, but is trapped upon entering the inside within a cage lined with UV lights, keeping the vampiric occupant weak. Quite diabolically ingenious, actually.

Hotel wraps up with The Countess as a ghost, trapped in the Cortez forever with Marsh and the others. Liz voluntarily became a ghost to remain within forever, by the claw of The Countess, who herself was killed by Drake with the commandment of "thou shalt not murder".

I consider this anthology to be a work of sinematic genius. The characters, plot, acting, environment, angles, style, everything to perfection. But what the Hell ever happened to the laundress after being banished?

Illustrates herd panic and hypothetical apocalyptic situations perfectly. "Michael" the antichrist is already introduced, in what I expect to be a retroactive plot to relate his evilution. I thought the timing of this anthology poignant in just before the beginning of the Camazotz plague Curse, with a group of worthy 'survivors' held in quarantine! Love the introductory graphics displaying Baphomets, woodcuts, demons, Dore' Lucifer, etc.

Gets better and better! Even traces back to Hotel. That fat negro bwitch is trapped therein, doomed to play cards with March for eternity, but is rescued by Langdon in a veritable "harrowing of Hell", because he is "the one" - that it to say The Antichrist, and Alpha Warlock, superseding even that of the witches. Proven by taking these witches out of their predicaments which the headmistress witch herself could not manage to do, but done by way of Satan by Satan, as it were, is relatively easy for him.

She faints upon the sight of them returning to the bomb shelter, which enters into a subterranean living facility like a veritable Hogwarts, but for Warlocks, whereas the witches school is located elsewhere, in more of a "white magic" weakan vein. There does appear to be some contention between the genders, or "weakans vs. Satanists" type drivel, which was a sort of trend - but of course, Satanists rule - always have and always will, because it is a philosophy of Strength recognizing Magic for all purposes, not some binary dualistic paradigm, like blindlighters. We are Satanists because we are born that way, progressing according to merit, regardless of gender. As a matter of fact, that is why Baphomet encompasses both in one!

So the two supervising bitches poison the lot with snake venom, but are all resuscitated by the witches. There is one that is also a standout. The unassuming toadie for the pretentious bimbo, who at one point graciously offered to perform analingus on a guest who unfortunately turned outo be the husband she abandoned at the apocalypse - he kills her dead. But her common, even frumpy appearance kind of resembling Daria in most every way, only with a shoot of hair jutting up like an antenna, belies her latent, veritable Firestarter abilities.

It is also discovered that Langdon is the son of the actress playing Iris from Hotel, is now a cyborg. Previously, in a touching scene, they are sitting talking over supper with a Satanic Altar in the corner of the dining room, which to Me, is totally and completely wholesome! A veritable Fete Diaboli Satanic Grace.

Draconian SINchronicities abound, although he would have transformed into a more favorable Gothic appearance!}

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