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What 'we' do in the shadows {not}

Droll. Like a vampiric "friends" or something. Overall lame, but funny in some spots. It's set up like realty show style of several vampires living in a flat together. At one point they attend a monster bash type event, with witches, zombies, other vampires, and werewolves present, the latter with whom they have a battle, then eventually conciliate - even one of their own [human] friends becomes one!

The coolest one of the bunch, and most vicious, Nosferatu {Peter} encounters a 'vampire slayer', killing eachother in the process, as he is exposed to sunlight! "Vladislav" has an ongoing animosity with a former lover he calls "The Beast", whom he meets again at the bash.

The remaining vamp crosses over a nana type that he is happy to accompany throughout eternity as a veritable "mamma's boy". Overall Halloween leitmotif. {3/5}

Tags: gothic, halloween, horror comedy, horror movies, humor, review, spechtreum, vampires, werewolf, witches

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