Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Donut Hole

The town I live in is a total environment in itself, as well as a timewarp, circa Noir and into the 50's. There are fully themed restaurants who place quite a bit of effort to present an illusion of authenticity from the culture cultivated, to the last remaining and preserved Drive-In Theatre in the area; to the In 'N' Out drive-thru where the attendants are attired in spotless white uniforms and elongated styled caps; to stylized establishments like The Donut Hole where I acquire My pastries from time to time, and actually did earlier this overcast morning. Sort of reminds Me of the tram ride at Universal Studios as one is passing through the spinning tunnel - an amusing optical illusion. So as one traverses through the hellmouth, there are so many delights to choose from - jelly-filled and glazed confections to tantalize the senses.

I swear I once spotted a greaser-fight late one night while returning from a rendezvous - 50's model cars parked in a vacant lot with several white-shirted greaser types rallied around two others going at it fisticuffs... or did I only perceive this activity occurring... may is have been an impression from long ago? Quite charming, actually. Much of the music drifting in the air is frequently "the oldies" to add to the environment's quality.

Well, as I was exiting the Donut Hole, I spotted a white herse with the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" logo painted in red across the back. A fanatical Buffy fan? Or are film companies now paying people to carry their logos to advertise letharginator programs, like wearing a sign with "Eat At Joe's" written across it. Which is how I view print shirts advertising for bands like. As much as I may enjoy a particular band or film, I would not display it for the herd to see, but would more likely use it for pajamas, if anything.

Tags: black earth, buffy, dining, food, in 'n' out, the donut hole

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