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Way of The Master

Just got a chance to see Way of The Master with Agent Malebranche as guest. The theme was "Satanism". and showed various scenes of Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne in concert and displayed several interviews with fans, who the hosts attempted to induce guilt strategies and brainwashing techniques. Another mis-statement was the ubiquitous claim that Aleister Crowley is the forefather of Satanism, when in fact he was a Thelemite ceremonial magician, not a Satanist. At least they showed scenes from Satanis and Speak of The Devil, with Malebranche granting some basic biographical information on Dr. LaVey and the formation of The Church of Satan. Flames erupted across the screen, with a weakagram transforming into a Baphomet, then the words "Interview With The Church of Satan" blazed forth. The host and guest discussed the misanthropy we Satanists tend to exhibit, and the motivations behind what compels a Satanist towards self-deification - that "Hail Satan" essentially translates into "Hail The Self". The interview was brief, but at least our basics were stated.

Following the interview, the hosts demonstrated their stock in trade by expressing their propaganda with scriptural references.

Tags: malebranche, satanism, way of the master

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