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Hades & Persephone

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    Dark History. Sacrificial Daemonseed metaphor cast to the flames. In a relevant ritalistic context, cast the christling to the hellfire as…

  • ABADDON The Destroyer

  • Gods of The Underworld

  • McPanic

    S ATANIC P ANIC A RCHIVES McMartin Preschool: Anatomy of a Panic [Retro Report, NY Times]: A report on all those impossible…

  • Djinn

  • Meat Messiah?

    S N A C K R I F I C E B esides the ready-made hellarity of utilizing the "baby jesus" for a multiple of applications {"bong", doll, toilet,…

  • Santamas

    P er the importance of terminological context, the word for the secular observation of December 25 should remain secular, so instead of the…

  • September of Thammuz

    S EASONS I N H ELL September {Sept: 7; Roman Calendar} is ascribed to goDaemon hammuz* {AKA, Dumuzid}, consort of Ishtar**…

  • Nebrew race-baiting blindlight cult

    B OOK OF B LINDLIGHT SINDAY SACRIFICE These are nothing more than race-baiters with a notion that they are fighting the "white devil"…

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