Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Love Witch


A beautiful young witch also happens to be a femme fatale*. Seemingly, when chosen men do not meet her storybook expectations, she kills them. Slipping victims a concoction which first makes them hallucinate, then eventually die, but this after giving each one the show & carnal pleasure of their lives. Her victims range from her own husband, a teacher she met in a park resembling Kris Kristofferson {c. Shake Hands With The Devil; though not as hirsute as customary}, to a politician.

Unfortunately, she's not very thorough disposing of the bodies afterwards, leaving a shallow grave in the backyard, complete with her very own [burnt] clothing on top! Along with a witch bottle! {which she had also been supplying the local occult shoppe} Total self-incrimination. All of which traces an investigator back to her, who also becomes infatuated! Even going as far as an impromptu handfasting ceremony at a Renaissance Faire, populated by her witch friends!

Speaking of 'witch', when not galivanting about slaying one-night stand lovers, she hangs out in a brothel / bar / stripclub with hidden ritual chamber, run by the town's witches, and otherwise in a teahouse with her regular friend, whose husband she also slept with and killed. She does eventually discover this upon snooping about her room.

The rituals and ceremonies displayed herein display a combination neo-Pagan, Gardnerian appearance & 'skyclad' activities, inclusive of a framed Sabbatical Baphomet, and a pentacle ornamenting the wall. Her first induction included sex with the cult leader within the pentagram. Her own home is quite the Lair as well**, within an enchanting Manse befitting a Strega, her own paintings on the wall, alchemical apothecary to brew her potions, altar and pentagram base. As such, there are some indications of folkloric practices, notably the anointing for flight {astral projection}. At one point, a calling unto 'Habondia' {recognized from Mastering Witchcraft, Paul Huson}.

Overall, perhaps she should have found herself a proper complementary Warlock for love, instead of preying on unworthy muggles, who are mere toys. Beautiful Gothic Victorian aesthetics, gorgeous actresses, delightful nudity, inspiring, inviting environments, in a 60's/70's style setting in which to pleasantly reside.*** [4/5] ∞

* Unlike the black widow, who murders husbands for money, likened Addams Family Values' Debbie Jellinsky.
** Bair Stokes House. Arcata, CA.
*** Yet at one point I did notice a cellphone pulled out for a call, which leads Me to ponder that maybe this all actually takes place in a total environment city! Although in such a case that would have been a faux pas, with such themed environs with strict modes of conduct, accoutrement, and dress.

Tags: addams family, aesthetics, crime, criminology, erotica, film review, gothic, haunted house, haunted noctuary, magic, mental illness, movie, occult, pagans, pleasures of the flesh, psychology, ritual, satantra, seduction, sensuality, sex, sexology, sexuality, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, thriller, total environments, witchcraft, witches

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