Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Thistlethorn Baphomet

[Medallion appears darker than shown]

Arriving in the ominous black envelope folded in 1/2 {for extra protection!}, the medallion is preserved in the hellegant presentation of a black box within a black box, festooned on a bar upon velvet lining. A fine piece, highly detailed, red symbols & eyes, black gunmetal angles, lilac & thistle, darker background to a slightly lighter Baphomet head, with Anniversary inscription on back.

All arrives accompanied by a card with dedication statement written by The High Priestess, along with an Ungodly {featuring the lovely Zoe} & care instruction cards, with several complementary stickers of a red Baphomet, Ungodly {goathead}, and Pentacular Sulphur design. All carefully contained in an additional envelope. Class act all the way to Hell!

It seems appropriate that Magus Gilmore and I made our acquaintance wearing similar coloration displayed herein. Congratulations, and Hail The Church of Satan!

Additionally, this medallion can be used for seduction purposes, as it demonstrates the coloration of Lust / Dominance upon The Devil's Shadowheel. [Dracomeroth]

Tags: baphomet, black earth, church of satan, dracomeroth, infernal empire, jewelry, magic, magus gilmore, possessions

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