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Fall River

New Satanic panic documentary on the Fall River murders from the Epix channel, made by Blumhouse.

Self-styled "dabbler" type Carl Drew was pimping women and keeping them in line by plying them with a plethora of narcotics and fear of The Devil.

There eventually developed a rivalry between he and a young female pimpette, who would eventually cooperate in murdering a witness to a previous "sacrificial" killing.

In the beginning, some scenes from SATANIS and an interview by the kino library were displayed, in a typical attempt to either slander The Church or place out-of-context statements as an attempt of a virtual "confession" that the religion espouses mindless violence or requires literal sacrifice {which islamo-abrahamic religions have always done}, but actually only goes to show the media's disparate attempts to bolster paranoia and sensationalism to sell papers. While points expressed by LaVey always solidly speak for themselves.

The intelligent will comprehend, the willfully ignorant will misunderstand, and exaggerate based on false [religious] notions.

It is notable to mention that this presentation was made by an "emmy-award winning" company, which is more adept at horror & sci-fi pictures rather than crime documentaries, and it shows. Contains a more theatrical bent, practically with its own soundtrack and rather nice arcane chapter special effects & art, inverse cross chyron accompanying captions, rehashing established facts & research, interviewing perpetrators, and reinterviewing several friends, former prostitutes themselves, and officials who worked on this archival case. But nothing journalistically or scientifically new.

Tags: archives, christinsanity, crime, criminology, devil worship, documentary, fundamentalists, occult, retards, sacrifice, satanic panic, xoids

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