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"You will be happy in receipt of good news."

Found Survivor's "Too Hot To Sleep" LP at a local shoppe - not just the vinyl which sounds great, but a promotional copy, which means that this record was played on the air at some point in time, which inherently grants it bio-etheric energy formerly dormant, as the sonic necromancy is accessed. And I can certainly feel the effervescence.

Evocation: I first heard Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger" at Martial Arts tournaments, accompanying almost every contestant's kata - and as much a I appreciated that song, I desired to hear what the rest of the album contained. So I bought the cassette and would listen to it in My walkman while going to and fro from elementary school to mother's salon, to friends' houses, and became well acquainted with some of the most under-estimated and passionate rock music I ever had the pleasure to hear. A strong voice with a wide range, memorable melodies, hard-punching beats, euphoric keyboards, hauntingly beautiful ballads and pathos-inducing rhythms which spans the emotions, and is all at once inspirational and quite motivational. 'Too Hot To Sleep' re-creates and preserves that passionate drive, and is a worthy follow-up to 'Eye of The Tiger', despite the slight slope with previous albums. This comes in at a close second to that optimum classic.

"You will be happy in receipt of good news."

Acquired Chinese food tonight - Chop Suey and Mongolian Beef. Fortune cookie read the above statement. As I was walking from the car to the restaurant, some vagrant had the unmitigated audacity to ask Me for change, prefacing the begging with some garbage story about needing money to reach his cousin, lie, lie, lie... whatever. I was not about to let it waste My time, so I motioned My hand in the air before it, saying "No thanks." as if to an unscrupulous saleman trying to sell Me desert land. To which it uttered a defeated and weakened "God bless you.", as if to say "f-k you." The true sickly colors manifest when these social parasites are denied. Upon exiting the establishment, I spied it sitting with an accomplice on a nearby bench with a paper bag between them. My suspicions proven. So I felt an elevated sense of being in the knowledge that I did not contribute to the wastefulness of its pointless existence. May it rot.

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