Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Growl, snort, snarl, howl, roar!


Max has a wild hair, & escapes the boredom of common existence. Even though he has an 'older' sister, he seems like an only child, her concerns are superficial and only ends up taunting his imaginative eccentricities if anything, along with her common friends, not comprehending or resonant.

Fully encapsulates the 7th Statement. Thus Max goes about exercising his imagination to the furthest extent. Whereupon after expending mass amounts of energy playing, in his wolf suit no less, inclusive of, in a veritable lycanthropic state, bites his mother, runs outside and falls asleep in a boat, and into a deep slumber whereupon then goes upon a grande dream adventure!

Awakening on an island where he meets several demonsters Carol, Ira, Judith, Alexander, Douglas, Bull, and KW {classic demonic variants}, who originally debated eating him, but become friends after declaring him their king on account of his proclaimed powers and promises of thriving under his rulership.

Rumpus & The Pile! He declares Rumpus! Everyone goes wilding about, swinging from trees, running through hedges, and eventually tossing dirtclods! All of which eventually ends in a pile, where exhausted, everyone sleeps. Eventually Carol shows Max his secret island diorama displaying everyone thereon, now including him!

Per his plans, a domelike castle structure is being constructed. However, by suggestions made by "KW", a rather troublesome creature, brings in 2 'outsider' owls and recommends he construct a private room just for him, both of which frustrates Carol, who already has anger & anxiety issues, whereupon he goes raging through the forest, as it begins to dawn on him that Max is not all that he claimed, is not fulfilling his kingly duties, and intends to eat him, but is saved by KW when she hides him in her belly.

Finally, upon Max's departure, Carol forgives him and sees him off at the last moment, mutually uttering a recognizable primal howl. He finally returns home to the relief and wonderment of his mom, and eats his fill.

Overall, a fun film with smooth kinematics, vast natural environments, inspiring a sense of play which should never be lost. I suspect he will return frequently to play with his newfound friends. Awooooooooo!

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Tags: animal kingdom, dracling, film review, infernal progeny, monsters, movie, spechtreum

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