Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Echoes In The Darkness

Kristian Wåhlin, Sathanas: Crowned Infernal

Still night 'neath Walpurgismoon, an unseen visitor parts The Gate
On Hexennacht, brings the Zephyrs from hellfires on western horizon
Devil Winds howl, shaking The House, swirling whirlwinds of draegon wings...

Let The Sorceries begin!

Echoes in The Darkness, incantations, invocations
Candlelight & incense, the Bells of Hell resound!
Satan is here! ... again ...

Covens gather upon this Sabbath Nyte
Lilith perched atop the basilisk
Sacrificial Feast of The Beast
Hellmouth devours all

Let the celebrations begin!

Dreamons awake in Witches' dreams to dance in founts of Lust
Flown on staves at mountains peak, descending 'round the pillar tines
By horns & thorns Abyss arise, Impaled on passion's bliss!

Welcome Forces of Darkness, make yourselves at home
I in thee & thee in I, we are one in the same... forever! ∞

BLACK BOOK OF SHADOWS: Soon before performance of the Walpurgisnacht Grande Sabbath Rite, there was heard a strange noise outside. Upon inspection, I witnessed the locked gate was OPEN. This after it was made sure it was secure upon a return from the restaurant. When I went out to shut it, there was no one in sight. The motion detector light would have activated. The winds were not strong enough to initiate it opening, so upon utilizing the process of elimination, it can be determined that this event may have been a paranormal cause. Given the night of occurrence {Walpurgisnacht}, it is therefore determined that this is SATAN paying a visit! Likened several times before, a confirmation of manifestation.

Shortly after that, a whirlwind whipped about The Noctuary from a still night, shaking the windows and trembling the walls. A demonic zephyr to confirm the previous event! After which it was still again. Thank you, and Hail SATAN!

{Parapsychological explanation: "Egregore projection" deriving from shadowside subconscious balanced with conscious. Shadowside reflection / daemonic energy directed force, paranormal expectation, anthropomorphized, formed or formless; inner sentience æthyric refraction}

Tags: black book of shadows, feast of the beast, holiday, lyrics, noctuary, occult, paranormal, parapsychology, poem, poetry, satanic serenades, seasons in hell, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside, walpurgisnacht, witchcraft, witches

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