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ϟV⸸VNIC Parapsychological thriller. The film begins with footage from the 1st Satanic Wedding, followed by lokian imps emerging from the fetters of timelessness...

Cut to a group of pretentiously obnoxious 'college' tards consisting of 2 posers & 2 generics, go to LA in search of an 'occult adventure' of sorts, and for their masochistic meandering, really receive a deadly one! Starting with observing a mysterious shadow up in the window of an abandoned building while driving around lost.

Among the stops on the list, Cielo Drive {"Manson Family Murder House"}, Satan's House {looks familiar... sporting a hellegant inverse black cross, from which emerge 2 spiteful goths annoyed at the touristy intrusion}, an occult shoppe reminiscent of Panpipe's, and finally a haunted room in the very hotel HelLA {reminds of The Cecil}, where the urban legend of an allegedly so-called "priestess" Laney Gore of "LaVey's Church of Satan" {sic} excarnated, leaving a bloody pentagram drawn on the wall in her wake. The Ouija oracle is employed for æthyric communication by those unskilled in its application.

After being ejected from the shoppe, wherein they were disrespectfully prying & being deadbeats, they decide to spy on the proprietors, following them to the Pacific Palisades / Rustic Canyon & Malibu areas, trespassing wherein a private ceremony is taking place. Upon predictably misunderstanding the proceedings, are spooked and are run off the property, dropping an incriminating phone behind. It's returned by a street urchin that was in attendance - actually a pretty girl with nowhere to go, so they decide to invite her back to the hotel room.

Upon salacious indulgence, it's revealed that she's actually quite knowledgeable and skilled in some 'hardcore' occult practices, and otherwise becomes possessed by Laney Gore, wherein it is subsequently divulged that she devil marked each and every one of them for destruction by her offering, established by adjoining all by the circle, drawing an infernal gateway I II III ⛧ IIII IIIII whereupon each meet their doom as the night and day progresses, all ending where they started in an infinite labyrinth of terror. Shadowmantically, to each their own nightmare. [4/5]

Tags: adventure, blackthorne theater, church of satan, crime, criminology, cults, gothic, horror, lavey, manson, mental illness, metal, occult, ouija, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, psychology, satanic panic, spechtreum, thriller, travel, witchcraft

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