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Hellemental Aerodynamics

Hellemental Aerodynamics: AC/66⁶\: Utilizing natural airflow, when not using central air.

Utilize 3 ærodynamic sources: 1. Cooling A/C fan, 2. Air Purifier/ionizer fan, 3. overhead fandolier.

/\ Daemonic Geometrics: In an isosceles trapezoidal or equilateral pyramidical form, these are positioned to provide the most effective infrigidation. The equilateral triangular radiation holds 60° at each point [666].


  • 1. Directed towards the top of head, where most body heat is expelled, shoulders.
  • 2. Directed downwards towards torso {widest from above}, forming trapezoid, or pyramid.
  • 3. Directed towards lower extremities, pointing to feet, between legs, genitalia.

    This will cause a whirlwind effect that will wash over the physique.


    1. Shower. {Lotion optional, mutual application with partner/s}
    2. Gloom the room {draw curtains, turn off lights, or "nightlight", soft light permissible}.
    3. Nude or underwear.
    4. Lay on bed or floor, mat in Vitruvian position {"Pentruvian", preferably within pentagram {rug or drawn}.
    5. Breath in through nose, exhale through mouth.
    6. Undisturbed silence or meditative, atmospheric, classical, instrumental music.
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