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"In the remmus rain of 1845... the portrait finally arrived...!" ~ {King Diamond, Abigail: Arrival}

1845 ce. Introductory scene taken from Black Sunday {sans hooded executioner}, the mask of The Devil impaled onto a "witch's" face before immolation upon a tree.* Thus wither 'evil soul' trapped inside a poppet, to be forever sealed therein, until a clueless hack journalist named Fenn investigating cattle mutilations in the area finds it inside the tree, breaks it open to bolster a boring story, thus releasing the malevolence.

"when 'god' builds a church, The Devil builds a chapel next door"

All of a sudden miracles begin happening in the small provincial New England towne of Banfield through an intermediary deaf mute girl Alice, supposedly under the influence of "Mary", the catholic 'divine' matriarch {'goddess' archetype}, while the 'witch's' name also just so happens to be "Mary" Elnor {Endor?}. Healing miracles by way of Satan, including her hearing, transforms the towne into a tourist attraction & haven for beLIEvers, incrementally turning into a cult, revolving around the tree instead of the crucifix.** Housing it within a makeshift canopy "chapel" literally nexto the church. Ergo, "when 'god' builds a church, The Devil builds a chapel next door." [Martin Luthor]

After a heart attack, even the resident priest & "father" to Alice, with a chain smoking habit is healed from emphysema, which apparently now with healthy lungs, gives him a few more decades of fumigation! In a remarkable scene, Elnor makes herself known in the confessional, informing him from whence her Powers originate, through this first and substantial "sacrifice".

"Faith in Evil empowers Evil"

While Elnor appears to, and indwells Alice, as a luminescent "virgin mary", she begins haunting the chapel and Fenn in her true diabolical form, as sort of a "twisted, half-seen creature, wraith-like", in shadowy corners of his subconscious. Through a series of manifestations frightening Fenn, as well as a priest assigned to assuage the potential for legitimate miracles according to the catholic church, becomes the resident exorcist, but is himself spectacularly impaled and set ablaze, a seeming "payback" for past clerical transgressions.

Finally, upon Mass to be officiated in the chapel rather than main sanctuary, where Elnor shall be empowered to possess her daemonic inheritress Alice, tellingly enunciated in the veritable prayer invocation of a modified "Hail Mary of Banfield", she emerges renewed through the girl. But due to an unfortunate mistake by Alice, returns to the tree and hellfire.


Personally, I find the {predictable} "jumpscares" unnecessary, as the psychodrama is sufficiently established, allowing for a steady growth of a malignant atmos-fear, without such cheap tactics better relegated to slasher films. But overall, a well-made & enjoyable film. Real psychological horror.

Amusingly, on a couple of occasions some of the resident herdlings found certain parts just too disturbing to remain in the theater, and left altogether. Which is a fantastic complement to the creators! I certainly would take it as a great complement! It is a horror movie after all, containing elements of religious psychology, so it is surprising that it is rated PG-13, perhaps better rated R.


{Also dracommended is the namesake presentation with some notable differences, such as instead of a witch, the antagonist is a succubus dæmon!}.

* Most probably not a real witch worth her sulfur, for the time their own sheeple were thusly exploited and accused, but perhaps such injustice would hypothetically result from such opportunistically hypocritical murder, like a vengeful 'spirit' created by them! Another xianightmare!
** Plagiarized legendry: Though it can be argued that the cross, crucifix, etc., is merely a xian extension of the Kabbalistic Sephiroth tree of life {with its corollary 'roots' in Yggdrasil}, otherwise indicative of the Pagan Druidic veneration of [oak] trees.

Tags: adventure, christinsanity, horror, king diamond, paranormal, psychodrama, psychology of religion, religion, spechtreum, supernatural, superstition, thriller, travel, xoids

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