Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Champion

Once more, the primitive xian subculture attempts to replicate established secular franchises and add their own propaganda spin, in this holy-watered down Rocky.

Orlando Leone is a former professional boxer, preacher and hotel security guard. 3 antagonists herein:

1. 2 petty grubby drugpeddlers bullying a kid for their drugs and a firearm confiscated by police, while in the company of a rotten accomplice boy, both of whom were in the "employ" of the dregs as "lookouts" and thieves.*

Leone seeks to set him straight by introducing him to church, whereupon meeting his mother, a real looker, decides to get married, stat.

2. In an almost Cain vs Abel dynamic, his own brother, a boxing promoter who threatens to sell his church property if he doesn't fight another dimwit.

Funny thing is, they supposedly don't need an actual building to preach, but their own scriptures state that "service" can be held anywhere there are 2 or more people. But for some hypocritical reason, it just has to be that place! Thus {almost voluntarily} remaining being under the thumb of his oppressors.

He comes out of retirement but discovers he has brain damage from previous fights. Most all boxers develop permanent injuries and retardation. Despite warnings from the doctor, proceeds anyway.

A previous experience ignited this animosity upon breaking up a raucous party withe forthcoming opponent boxer in the hotel Leone was a security guard at.

3. The opponent "keshon". An obnoxious, wormlike, ill-tempered, low-intelligence loudmouth pugilist not as in shape as Leone.

Predictably, after being pummeled to the mat while "keshon" exploits his defective brain condition {even though instructed to take a fall}, Leone "resurrects" and finishes the match as victor.

Note the antagonists in these films tend to display pseudo-diabolical æsthetics & nomenclatures. Minimally, this character's head is shaved with a goatee, wears "hellfire" boxers, while the protagonist looks "normal" or common.

Leone's own mother is present, apparently quite content to watch her son get pounded into retardation or possible death.
* Legalize it, tax it, with the same rules applied with alcohol. Then let social darwinism sort 'em out!

Tags: aesthetics, anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, april fools day, blindlighters, brain disorder, christinsanity, crime, film review, fundamentalists, herd mentality, herd stupidity, lokis laughter, martial arts, mental illness, movie, propaganda, retards, stupidity, xoids

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