Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

🕯 HALL💀WEEN 4: The Return of Michael Myers 🎃🔪

10/30-31/88... DMH officials make their way to transfer Michael from Haddonfield hospital to a sanitarium now that he awakened from his decade coma. To the shock of Loomis, who had been monitoring him closely to make sure he remains under control. Predictably, Michael escapes the confines of the ambulance, which plunges into a lake, and makes his way to retrieve his æsthetic, then on to "sacrifice" his sister Laurie's niece Jamie back in Haddonfield, the cursed bloodline.

He acquires a set of coveralls from a mechanic at a gastation, absconds with the towtruck, immolates the place, with Loomis in pursuit, who then has to hitchhike, eventually picked up by a drunken zealot.

Myers eventually possesses the mask in a Halloween store while stalking Jamie. Then plunges the town into darkness upon throwing a technician onto a converter at the electric plant. He tracks her to a house where she's living with a foster family.

Jamie's been having precognitive nightmares of a boogieman in her dreams, making her reticent for anything Halloween. Whereupon being teased by a group of sadistic schoolmates, taunt her about her relations. Finally escaping by being picked up by her mother, decides she wants to trick-or-treat after all, going off to obtain a costume which just so happens to be identical to the one little Michael wore for his 1st kill.

Her older foster sister Rachel has to break a date with her boyfriend {headcrushed} to babysit, who went cheating with the sheriff's daughter. Upon discovering the impropriety, loses track of Jamie.

Loomis informs the sheriff that Michael is on the loose, but when his taskforce is executed by Michael, the only option is a gaggle of dull-witted beergut redneck buffoons, who go about trying to hunt him, shooting one of their own in the process, predictably failing and essentially getting their beerguts split open, strewn about the highway like so much roadkill.

After taking refuge in the school, Loomis, Jamie, and Rachel are stalked therein until desperately departing in the deadneck truck, which Michael had been riding under, but is finally bucked off and struck, then bombarded by the sheriff and remaining mob, landing in a ditch. Jamie goes outo actually touch him, becoming possessed.* |>

Now seemingly safe & sound back at the house, a familiar perspective inside the mask yields bloody screams to complement this Halloween night! To Loomis' utter horror, it starts all over again!

{Killcount: 16}
* |> When the host is no longer suitable, the demon will traverse into a more receptive vessel, until such time the original is regenerated.

Tags: blackthorne theater, dracling, halloween, horror, infernal progeny, review, spechtreum

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