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R.I.O.T.Victor Rizzo is a xian cop dealing with a gang of drug-dealing destructive organisms that have infested his town. It gets personal when they start picking on his son, then random townspeople. Upon subduing and incarcerating these petty criminals, they seek the help of a brute to harass him further, who had also been imprisoned by Rizzo. After vandalizing his patrol car, they finally have it out in a field, with Rizzo the victor.

Overall, a bit like Death Wish, though he's no Charles Bronson!

Could have been more interesting had he played an "Occult Cop/Satan Sleuth" type, a-la Randy Emon or Kolchak pursuing cultists and various occult, supernatural situations.

Interestingly, all the youngirls including his daughter herein wear heavy makeup like sexdolls.

Surprisingly, in a decidedly unfortunate career-altering slumming move, Sam Jones {Flash Gordon} plays his partner!



NEFARIOUS NEWS: 2/16, Las Vegas NV - CARMAN dead. Complications from hiatal hernia. He is an amusing entertainer, but should not have been so insulting to Satan & Dæmons. He put out a few amusing videos, always with impressive demonic characterizations, which were typically disrespected.

My 1st introduction was the video "A Witch's Invitation" about a hellegant Warlock inviting him over to his gloriously ghoulish haunted house lair where he's regaled with tales of his exceptional exploits, providing proof of each and every claim. After accepting this invitation, he has the nerve to disrespect him in his own home, even damaging an artifact therein. Of course, The Warlock probably cursed him severely after that! [A Warlock's Observation]

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