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|>HALLOWEEN H20Now Laurie is working as an instructor at a private Catholic school & boarding house under an assumed name, after previously faking her death. Michæl finds her whereabouts from a file at a retirement home where Loomis resided, absconding with a vehicle {panel truck - there was also another apparently malfunctioned vehicle already there when they arrived, probably a succession as he travels cross-country}, belonging to a lady and her daughter from a rest stop. While indisposed, Michæl enters in and snatches her purse, only taking the keys, sparing their lives, and off he goes on his trek to California to meet his sister.

Arriving at the school gate, Michael easily veers past a clueless gomer security tard ninja style, constantly using up the phone line with some screeching yenta, stealthily makes his way onto the property. After roaming about for awhile, Michael finds Laurie and begins to pursue her - at one point they are mere inches from eachother's faces, only separated by a window!

While the rest of the student body set off for Yosemite, Laurie's son John, his girlfriend, and a couple of friends remain for a salacious Halloween party in the basement. The skull on the doombox and the plethora of candles are a nice touch. Along with them, left on campus are Laurie, a douchie counselor greaseball she's having 'relations' with, and a rentacop.

Eventually, the gomer is shot, the counselor is gloriously impaled, several obnoxious victims meet their doom, and even after being pinned by a vehicle, [mistakenly] beheaded, Michael seeks the solace of his subterranean chamber for the next killing spree.

[Killcount: 6]

Tags: halloween, horror, review, spechtreum

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