Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Escape From Hell!

Escape From HellLoony xtarded movie about a medical doctor with father resentment for abuse and neglect, who comes to visit him after sobering up and becoming "born again", but stays distant because he doesn't believe him. When he finally realizes his sincerity, he induces flatline for a near-death experience, essentially attempting suicide {which is frowned upon by blindlighters, even though their god hypocritically did so himself!}, to visit his dad in the afterlife to tell him that he forgives and loves him. But because it's not "his time" according to what's supposed to be an "angel?" {but looks more like Jor-El}, he plunges into Hell through a fire tunnel! Which transforms from a channel of light, sending him back & downwards, where he meets a resident that OD'd, who later turns out to actually be a demon!

But not before he meets with his heartattack patient who indulged all his life in "beer'n'steer", sperts, avoiding church, and laying around lazy. Amusingly, while he's changing the channels, Hagee came on, but apparently bored him enough to change it to sportsball. So he goes all retarded with visions, while the demon transforms and starts attacking the doctor! All this time his mother is praying and his friends are attempting to revive him.

After the clouds part, a 'heavenly' light appears, and he's finally resuscitated. This all reminds Me of xian Flatliners! One of his friends is a gorgeous female doctor Marissa Holloway {Emilie Jo Tisdale}. He assumes them hanging out for a couple hours after dinner is an actual "date", but she doesn't seem to see it that way.

The film begins and ends in a cemetery, where he's pursued by a malevolent force onto the "holy ground" of the chapel, where he meets the caretaker, who happens to be a "bornagain" xian. While telling his story, a shadowy force invades the chapel where the caretaker wards it off by claiming he's covered in blood. Then the doctor becomes 'bornagain', and the film concludes.

All typical wacky nonsensical propaganda, but amusing for dinnertime!

Tags: blindlighters, brain disorder, christinsanity, fundamentalists, herd mentality, herd stupidity, mental illness, mythology, propaganda, retards, stupidity, stuporstition, xoids

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