Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lost cantibles in Hell

The preservation of some lyrics & music coursing in My mind since forever. Segments of compositions for timeless manifestation.


Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... let Me tell you a story
Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... let Me show you the way
Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... it's a story 'bout Magic
Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... of The Night and the day {yee-ee}

{Sung in a dreamlike manner with some crossfading. Seems inspired by Sorcery-sword-adventure films like LEGEND, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Krull, Dragonslayer, Dark Crystal, etc.}

It Feels Like Halloween Again

It feels like Halloween... again
Jack O'Lanterns greet Me... again
A black cat crosses My path... again
What does it mean to Me, can you tell Me My friend?

{musical punctuations in-between lines - 2 bursts, then a twisting refrain, then into a jaunty tune. Amidst the cavalcade, the proclamation:}

Oh yes it feels like... Halloween again!
Oh yes it feels like... All Hallows' Even...!

{sung "eveeeeeeeen..." [3 bursts, followed by plucking 10x]}

We Are Strong

We Are Strong... The Pentagram against the cross! [12x plucks. Sustained 1st by 2 counts, then successive]
We Are Strong... we'll fight 'til the battle's won ["]

When the wings of the dragon courses across the mountain, praise Lucifer [instrumentation in-line with lyrics]
And the demons rise from Hell to take over the earth...

We Are Strong... A shadow across the moon

Tags: classical, gothic, lyrics, malefick musick, metal, poems, poetry, satanic serenades

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