DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NIGHTSTALKER: Hunt for A Serial Killer

Presented in a noiresque style, narrated by a hardboiled grizzled investigator characterization, Ramirez's slayings are recounted, "13 Sacrifices for Satan"*. Primarily asians and old ladies. Nanas?! or the 'gmilfs' {Skwisgaar}. [*SH*] The asians were an obvious ECI from listening to uncle Mike. After raping and killing, he would then often fix himself something to eat, and leave.
* Obviously, sacrifices are conducted symbolically in the form of a Curse upon those deservedly punished to attain justice, personally administered. [see "On The Choice of A Human Sacrifice"; The Satanic Bible, LaVey.

* Source

Tags: blackthorne theater, crime, criminology, documentary, heavy metal, history, horror, hysteria, lavey, misanthropy, psychology, sacrifice, satanic panic, social commentary, social observation, sociology, spechtreum, video

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