Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Wally "rocks"!

This week WALLY featured 2 nitwits. 1 guy in a redshirt and & kerchief {commie!} who didn't seem to even know that the Star Wars initiative is carried out with lasers from space as a preventative defensive measure against nuclear invasion!*

I think he thought it was also missiles! You'd think there would be at least a cursory education on the subject, and not pure pretentious ignorance! That guy was a pathetic embarrassment. He was of course predictably booted out!

2nd 'victim' was a galoot who ended up calling Reagan a 'clown', so it was like he himself pressed the eject button! This was another "liberal lunatic" who also didn't appear to know what he was talking about, demonstrating appalling ignorance about the subject. Even after having some other doofus back him up from the audience! Oh, but he was wearing a suit! Well then, I suppose he must know what he's taking about! NOT! He was also ejected for getting on Wally's nerves!

Wally mentioned an appearance at The Palomino! (Normally a country cowboy clubar). Rudy Krause was also there! Performing his all-american rock act for his new record Wally Sings The Rock Hits, all covers, which really just sounds like karaoke. {BTW, link also displays the rare E! Hollywood True Story on Wally} He also released another [spoken] record called "Wal-ly! Wal-ly!". He actually had his own band once upon a time called Wally George & His Hollywood Twisters which supposedly released several records {song: Dragstrip}.
* However, it is maintained that is what the UN is for, in theory, to preserve the balance of world power and that all nations are fairly represented, to establish a mutually agreeable arrangement for trade, resources, etc.
Furthermore, it is also realistically maintained that nations will lie in order to preserve certain 'forbidden' technologies and weaponry to remain on equal footing ''just in case''. Whether in underground facilities, etc. Not be "caught with their pants down", as it were.

* Source: Hot Seat with Wally George reviews.

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