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Irish Kids Are Targeted

Irish Kids Are Targeted
By Mairead Carey

Irish children are being targeted for Satanism and gang rapes, according to a new report published by the voluntary agency Children at Risk in Ireland (CARI).

The report claims that the agency has seen an increase in the multiple rape of children both by gangs and by pedophile rings. CARI has also claimed that it has received reports of “ritualized abuse” involving individuals involved in Satanism.

The incidents of rape by multiple perpetrators are being reported to the organization’s helpline and to its counseling service.

Last year the agency received 25 calls concerning “multiple perpetrators,” meaning incidents of rape where a number of rapists were involved either at one time, or over a period of time.

The organization received up to 60 calls last year relating to teenagers who had been raped. Some claimed they had been raped by teenagers.

One call received gave details of a girl who alleged that a man who befriended her last year “introduced her to a group of other adults who plied her with alcohol and engaged in group sex with her.

“There were ritualized elements to this abuse. The man has told the girl that if she tells anyone about the abuse she will be killed. She broke down and told her uncle, while also begging him not to tell anyone else.”

The agency’s clinical director Alan Corbett has said that teenagers who had been affected by sexual abuse are falling between services for adults and those aimed at children.

He has also complained that the requirement for parental consent in the provision of therapy for teenagers who had been affected by sexual abuse was “tying the hands of agencies.”

He said agencies could not provide therapy for teenagers without their parents’ consent.

However, he explained that some teenagers may not wish their parents to know about the trauma they have experienced.

Meanwhile, the minister of state at the Department of Health with responsibility for children’s affairs, Brian Lenihan, said that in future all persons having unsupervised access to children will be vetted before being appointed.
* Source.
This obviously has nothing to do with Satanism, but criminal elements dreaming up any excuse to intimidate their victims. If there is any bit of so-called ritualistic implications, these would be perpetrated by devil-worshippers who remain within the christian paradigm.
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