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Spechtreum/Infernal Progeny

I. And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street II. Scrambled Eggs Super III. On Beyond Zebra IV. McElligot's Pool V. If I Ran The Zoo VI. The Cat's Quizzer

[ITEM]: Narrations of the 6 'forbidden' Dr. Seuss books, which now join grimoires or banned literature because of the exaggerated, insecure sensibilities of crybaby race baiters/fetishists, & spineless PC wimps, devoid of substance. Race, gender, religion are the crutches of the weak, lazy, parasitic, pretentious, & stupid, while The Strong operate according to Merit. These act just like xtard fundies, which is why I find the Dr. Seuss bible video completely appropriate!

It is observed that the characters depicted therein are traditionally accurate after all, and not even meant to be demeaning, but only contribute to the exotic flow of the storyline. The simpleton pettiness of drama queens persist. * ..|., *

This will of course backfire, just like banned music and movies, as those books will now be in high demand. Historically, whether due to the xian reich, communist fascism, nazi regime's book burning pyres, or so-called "cancel culture" douchebags.

Personally, I think they are evocatively charming, promote the exercise of the imagination, and remain highly dracommended for recreational prose & poetic literature!

Additionally, be sure to peruse The Author's secretive archival works!

Tags: adventure, anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, blasphemy, books, brain disorder, cartoons, comedy, comics, dracling, dracommendations, evocations, grimoires, herd mentality, herd stupidity, history, humanities, hysteria, illustration, infernal progeny, literature, lokis laughter, mental illness, misanthropology, misanthropy, nefarious news, playlist, poems, poetry, prolecaust, proles, racist, retards, school, social commentary, social observation, society, sociology, strange animals, stupidity

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