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Satanic Panic sinopses


Full reviews & elaborations at SATANIC PANIC ARCHIVES {Spechtreum/Shadowmantium}:

Kids & The Occult: This {xian retard} 'presenter' gets so many things wrong, from dates to names to situations and occult sources, so as to be ridiculous! Weak research if any at best, erroneously labelling several established worldwide religions 'branches' {or veritable 'denominations'} of Satanism! The ignorance surmounts, as if to say, "...these are wiccan satanists, santeria satanists, druid satanists, hindu satanists, etc.!" When the truth is that The Church of Satan represents Satanism! WE are the "experts"! Whereas the so-called "occult experts" they have presented have always been nothing more than ill-informed, pretentious armchair critics with an theological agenda utilizing religious propaganda to bolster their guilt business! Plus everything criminal he claims Satanists do, their churches and clergy actually have done and continue to do! Throughout their sordid history! Either clandestinely and/or openly! Hypocrites!

{I was actually part of this presentation. Pay close attention to the {eliphas} levi vest, wherein the patches are prominently displayed onscreen}

The Satanic Shadow Elite: 'Documentary' on the absurd, pointlessly exaggerated, paranoid antics of nutcase & rabble-rouser Alex Jones the pest. This presentation features his intrusion into the cremation of care recreational retreat, which features a druidic pagan-themed decompression theatrical psychodrama for politicians. A play. Yet this mental defect thinks it's some sort of sacrificing devil worshipping illuminati cult. Apparently unable to comprehend symbolism & metaphor, goes about on idiotic tirades of pure presumption, contributes nothing whatsoever to journalism, and is just a clown noto be taken seriously.

In Satan's Name: Couple whose children were taken away based on mere allegations by a jealous relative, who were eventually returned and made to pay for the unnecessary 'services' by which they were harassed.

Sexorcisms! xian cult leader getting his congregation to blame their parents for all manner of false atrocities so that he could be their surrogate 'daddy'! Ends up in a dry-humping session with one of his 'possessed' male sheep, and a veritable psycho-sexual d/s interrelation with a female member as well!.

My Teen Worships Satan: Added to the review on SM. Features real litany straight from The Satanic Bible {Destruction} & Rituals {Baptism}, but the actors went on like trailerpark trash on both sides. Overall ends up looking like the other side of the same coin, although the chamber featured is aesthetically pleasing, as is the 'witch', but the makeup on the son is questionable.

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