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🕯H A L L 🎃 W E E N🕯


HALLOWEENLIII: Michæl is stronger than ever and Laurie is more traumatized than ever as well, turning into a paranoid survivalist, now with attractive daughters to boot.

2 documentarian reporters visit her in her veritable traphouse rigged with all sorts of ambushes and fortifications, even paying a goodly sum for a minimal interview where nothing really new is divulged. They even went to visit Michæl in the asylum where he's kept in a 6' rectangular space out in the nicely tiled yard.

The bus Michæl was riding in gets wrecked, allowing him to escape, where he just so happens to come upon the journalists at a gastation, killing them both. In one particularly gruesome scene, he throws a handful of freshly torn teeth into the lady's stall, while the man's face and head is summarily smashed bloody against the wall! Of course, the mask used in an attempt to coax him into a reaction is collected, more detailed looking like Shatner, and even more resembling Mark Preston! {The Devil's Rain}

In timely fashion, it's Halloweenight, where he goes about gathering up his favorite weaponry for the final confrontation with his sister. Towards the end, Michæl gazes up like a little boy at his sister while he's engulfed in a carefully orchestrated inferno.

2 notable kills should be mentioned. 1st, a douchie cheeselard is impaled though the jaw on a gate, while another whiney runt is veritably pinned by a blade through the chest on a wall! It should also be noted that he doesn't hurt little ones, but rather entirely ignores them overall.

A questionable 'Dr. Sartain' replaces Dr. Loomis revealing his own deadly obsession with Michæl & Evil, in quite a warped twist. Though that is a nice pen! The pen wielded as a blade!

Enjoyed all the inferences here and there, such as the Shamrock Company 'mascots' jack o'lantern, skull, and witch as trick-or-treaters running around. Then the same kind of closet doors from the 1st film used while she's roaming the house trying to locate him. Plus the scene where he tosses her out the window only to disappear when he looks back after being momentarily distracted, just like he did in the 1st.

[Killcount: 18]

Tags: dracling, film review, halloween, horror, infernal progeny, movie, psychology, spechtreum

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