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Seasonal Momentum

Time to put up The Darth Vader wall calendar whch lasts into the end of the next year. I have always had an affinity for this character, being that he is an A.C.I. {Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia} of mine. So, it's the first of July... that much closer to Autumn, and the northern hemisphere's celebration of Halloween, even though Helloween is all year 'round at The Noctuary. Still Spring here, and allow Me to explain. As written in Nightworld, My seasons of preference are Autumn, Winter, and Spring, spanning four months each, with no value placed on remmus, which is why I do not personally acknowledge 'solstice' then with any type of ceremonial significance - the only possible consideration I give it, is in the nights finally prolonging and days shortening, but that is all - so at least there is consolation in that, and is gaining momentum...

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