Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Crystal Skulls

"The Ancient Mayan prophecy states that there are 13 crystal skulls scattered across the planet, and when the 13 come together, the history and purpose of mankind will be revealed. Crystal Skulls are fascinating metaphysical tools, each with their own personality. Many crystal skull owners experience strange & wonderful happenings in the presence of their skull."

And so goes the story behind the crystal skull legend, yet I have always seen these as nice art pieces, which may or may not contain any specific 'meaning' per se, to the owner, yet listening to Coast to Coast tonight, I began to ponder certain possibilities, and may embark upon a Magical experiment. Consider, for instance, that some of these more ancient skulls had been used for ritual sacrifice within the Mayan and Aztec culture - imagine the containment of immense potential negative energy housed therein those objects, and the foreseeable uses for Destruction rituals!

One caller mentioned that he had known someone who owned a so-called "cursed skull", that had given nothing but grief to its possessors, but as Satanists, these types of objects seem to routinely and naturally come into our possession.

It has also been claimed that crystal skulls change in appearance inasfar as color, ranging from lightening to darkening upon continual use. One woman claimed that hers actually emitted a rainbow effect - I wonder how it would change when used for Satanic rituals? Upon surveying some of these skulls, I became intrigued by the "smokey crystal" variety, being gloomy in appearance. I had previously developed a ritualistic procedure entitled "The Possession Spell" from Dracomeroth which infuses an object with one's energy, as well as that of a shade, or to provide a veritable portal to the ether, so operating such a practice with a crystal skull should prove to be very interesting... ∞

Tags: crystal skull, possessions, the black earth

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