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Satanic Sculpture

Besides the book "BLACK DRAGON: Warrior of Satan", I will begin sculpting as My next project. I have several figures in mind:

* The Sabbatic Goat: The Pentagram on the forehead will be properly inverted, with hands gesticulating the Cornu with the left, and the trinity denied with the other. On trapezoidal base. Black or stone fleck.

* The Baphomet: In cooperation with Administration, I may create this legenday symbol if I gain permission. Black or stone fleck.

* Dr. LaVey: A bust of Our Founder in stone fleck.

* Demon Skull: Skull with horns and fangs. Black or stone fleck. As Altar piece or candle holder.

* Demoness / Lilith / Succubus: A scintillating and curvacious demonic beauty with horns and wings. Black, red, fleshtone or stone fleck.

* Satan is a Gentleman: A continental Satan with long coat, cane, tail, and perhaps a tophat. Black and/or red, or stone fleck.

* Vampire: Archetypal representation of the elegant Lord of The Night.

* Vlad Tepes: Bust of The Impaler. Black or red.

* Black Dragon: A devilish dragon with horns, wings, and Pentagram on brow. Black.

* Candle-holders: White Grim Reaper for Destruction candle, stone fleck / black Satan and/or Lucifer figure for the black candle.

* Demonic Bookends.

* Satanic Warlock and Witch: In ritualistic attire. Warlock in black robe/cloak, Witch in lingerae and cloak. Black.

* Gods of The Abyss: A representation of each of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell. Dark blue {Leviathan}, red {Satan}, stone-fleck {Lucifer}, purple or green {Belial}.

Just have to find the perfect hardening clay. More ideas forthcoming. Also, if anyone knows a good and reasonable jeweler, I would like to have some pendants made of The Satanigram. I appreciate your referrals.

Tags: aesthetics, art, gallery, sculpture

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