DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Satanic Apocrypha

Satanic Apocrypha

Written in a prosaic scriptural style reminiscent of The Al-Jilwah and The Enochian Keys, the latter connotes elaborated descriptions on the principles therein. Stream of thought psychodramatic language that speaks to the entire cerebrum, emotional and intellectual.

Divided into nine scrolls, chapters of folkloric Satanic characterizations & tales filtered through a third side perspective.

An æsthetically splendorous and visually stimulating tome with an ornate border per page, rather reminiscent of The Necromantic Ritual Book. displaying several of our 'unholy symbols' like The Baphomet, Pitchfork, Drægon, thorns, Brimstone, Pentrapezoid, Pentagram, also explained within the Appendices, which includes descriptions for established and original Hellemental sigilization for The IV Crown Princes of Hell; also 666, 9, and Cornu. Plus a Romanumerical graph pre & post Year One Anno Satanas of The Age of Fire, and cross reference index.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read & strong addition to our religious tradition. Pleased to possess this in My Library.

Tags: 666, 9, aesthetics, baphomet, books, grimoires, literature, numerology, psychodrama, psychology of religion, satanism, sigils

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