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Nocturnal Consitutional

Some people should really take better care of their pets, and have greater control of them as well. As I went out for My Nocturnal Consitutional, I encountered a dog who actually had a leash on, but was not tied to anything. He became rather volatile, so I had to employ My Dominance mode, and, much like the scene in Bram Stoker's Dracula wherein Prince Vlad corners Mina at the theatre, I had to utter a low growl, staring him square in the eyes, and lift My cane in his direction, giving him a warning, which he heeded, and rescinded, opting to run off back to wherever his home is. If this hound happens to find someone less attuned, they will probably be bitten. Seems that herd are preoccupied more with "owning" an impressive-looking creature, like this mastiff/pitbull mix, rather than actually knowing how to take care of one.

I have a Hellhound named "Simba", who haunts the back patio and actually howls when I awaken. Affectionate, loyal, playful, well-behaved, and fierce, if needs be. My perfect Cerberus.

This reminds Me of another incident in a former Lair wherein I had to defend the roost, as it were, and unfortunately had to tap a huge roaming pitbull on the head who was persuing a feline of mine, to send him back to his home. Such a needless ocurrence. I hope their dogs bite them firmly on the buttocks.

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