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The Trident 18

The Trident 18
Spring XL A.S.

Arriving via Pandemonium Airlines, is this latest installment of The Trident, with flaming tines thrust upwards into the starlit sky, serving as a beacon to the demon wings gloriously shadowing the night, resting gracefully upon terra firma. Our lovely stewardess from the cover motions us to the pleasures of our next destination, awaiting through the hellgates upon The Black Earth.

This is the "Worldwide Satanic Conspiracy" issue, with Satanists from around the world voicing opinions on various political, social, philosophical and economical environments in their countries of origin, and the relative states of The Infernal Empire therein.

I must say, I was taken aback by the account from Reverend Redstar in Frankfurt, and I Am sure true Diabolic Justice will follow - just goes to show that no matter what position the herd may hold, ignorance and fear are indelibly inherent within the despicable lot of them. Editor Primus shares some of his amusing formative experiences with the left and right portions of the political spectrum. Kris Hawkins relates the American media infiltration into Britain with sadly devolving effects upon the populace; Colonel Akula discusses comparitive issues between Canada and the U.S., including the legalization of certain cultural taboos which are steadily gaining acceptance, all for the betterment of an advanced Satanic Society {what I call a "Daemonocracy" - DB}, as well as some of the lingering perfidiousness besetting these societies; Magister Nemo contributes a splendid piece on the 'shocking' truth of the "worldwide satanic conspiracy" - there really is one! But not in the form commonly expected...; Magister Paulis posits his concerns over dogmatism in The Infernal Empire, and some of the attitudes taken by some of those new to the organization, diabolical demeanor, as well as the preservation of individuality versus herd behavior; an urgent message from the Marquis DeSade's homeland expresses the need for increased french interaction which will secure their respective position within our sphere of influence; Rafocale Lucifuge notes our increasing global span into this Age of Fire; and Witch Abby Brimstone relates her well-travelled experiences and observations on the waning multi-cultural influence of the christian reich, and the true meaning of freedom of religion.

The Question of The Quarter this time around relates to what extent and capacity Satanists should become involved in partisan politics, or not at all. Also includes movie reviews and some really great merchandise referrals. The Trident remains a consistently top-quality publication.

The demon bell rings... time to board the plane again... and on to the next level of The Inferno. Thank you for flying Pandemonium Airlines...

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