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Hail Sagan!

C O S M O S : Possible Worlds

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson hosts this version of the series, first done by the inimitable Carl Sagan {Hail SAGAN! #1}, with a bit more dumbing down {as the herd have gotten even dumber than before!}, speaking about a combination of the moons on Saturn {particularly Enceladus, which has a liquid gaseous core emitting these qualities, which the rings are also comprised of}, and I have a feeling it is being alluded to that this is the closest possibility of their being life on other PLANETS, as he did refer to this moon as a PLANET, which could foreseeably serve 2 purposes in housing extraterrestrial life, and a possible migration point for future humanity, while Titan would not, being of another category.

Then related is the story of Victor Goldschmidt, a WW2 era scientist having to evade nazis' jewish genocide, including him, although he proudly pronounced it on their questionnaire, but spare him the concentration camp if he works for them, at which point he sends them on wild goose chases for elements that don't even exist.

He treasured olivine, a verdant rock type that he believed housed the secrets of life, so much so that at his request, his ashes are housed in it. It's sort of an igneous rock with green clusters that is resistant to heat.

These undergo a process called "serpentanization" which releases hydrogen, methane, and more that aided in transforming organic molecules into living organisms.

Next segment on 2 primary organic molecular forms - one elongated, wormlike, the other shorter with spiky protrusions. The latter descending into the netheregions of the ocean when the other's oxygen emissions became too great, which actually then formed he ozone layer. Of course, this form eventually produced its own mutated and evolved lifeforms, while the other its as well, in what perhaps may be seen in those deep sea lifeforms, like the angler.

No mention of theological concepts, just scientific principles and descriptions, all wrapped up in the "ship of the imagination", which places the viewer there to witness these dynamics. Overall 'edutainment', the best way to learn!

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