Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hellemental incarnation

🔥Fierce like Fire {Satan}👹
🐉Flow like Water {Leviathan}
🦇Float like Air {Lucifer}
💪Strong like Earth {Belial} 🌎

These are reflective of The Infernal Alignment*, in the gradation of one's diabolical evolution of auto-deification and completion.

SATAN: Fierce like fire

The hellfire that purifies, and forges steel into the vision of the metallurgist, Vulcanus, symbolic of creation, to forge one's own destiny. Also to burn away past error and delusion, blindlight contamination, programming, and forge one's own path towards greatness and self-creation! The flames that test one's mettle, making one stronger still! Love & Hate in purest expression. The hellfire that reveals the face of Satan emergent as The Age of Fire.

LEVIATHAN: Flow like water

The ability to be malleable while steadily working one's will upon the situation. Flooding of emotion intelligently directed. Adjusting perception for selfish gratification. Corresponding mental and physical principles of judo.

LUCIFER: Float like Air

Casting one's vision upon the winds in order to view the mazes of confusion which become revealed from this elevated overview. The use of stealth & cunning. Proceeding with intelligent caution for the most direct path to enlightenment, undefiled wisdom, & carnal reward. The balance of the analytical & imaginative portions of the entire cerebrum, including natural intuition.

BELIAL: Strong like Earth

Strength of Mind and Body. The motivating forces of The Beast within, Humanimal/Satanimal combined as Baphomet incarnate oneself.

* see Dracomeroth.

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