Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Witchy Æsthetic Asks

Herb garden
if you could grow anything from a seed, what would it be?
House cat
if you had a familiar, what animal would it be?
Serpent. have had several. Otherwise, demonic dogs, cats, even spiders.
Worry stone
what do you do when you're anxious?
Ritualize if necessary. Otherwise take care of the problem ASAP through practical, albeit often unconventional means.
Silver rings
are you a collector? If so, what do you collect?
All manner of Occult and horror related arcana multimedia. Action figures, three-dimensional darketypal representations.
are you a good liar?
Lavender tea
what do you think of gossip?
A crutch of the weak. Petty uneducated "opinions" based on ignorance, presumptuous, insecure emotional reactions. Small-minded cretins with nothing better to do.
Beeswax candle
have you ever been stung by a bee? How did it happen, if so?
Yes. Was taking a drink of soda during lunchtime at VCHS when a bee had entered therein, stinging My inner lip. Spat it out immediately, did not hurt at all, and continued business as usual.
if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be right now?
European Mansion, castle, chateau.
Heeled boots
does your height match the way you see yourself?
More or less.
Bottle vase
what is your favourite flower, and why?
Dracondia. Named after The Dragon, with darkly gothic coloration, and a scent that attracts meals to its leaves.
which planet or star feels like yours? (just go with it)
Earth, moon, and Pluto.
Garden snakes
What's something other people are afraid of that you are not?
Wide-brimmed hat
is there a perfect item of clothing you've been scouring for?
VENOM Welcome To Hell/Black Metal, BATHORY, Levi Sabbatic Baphomet, shall be mine again!
Sea glass
have you ever found something amazing?
Certain vistas, Magical responses, progression of thought manifestation, multiple orgasms.
Painted gourd
what is your favourite thing you've ever made?
My books primarily, then the arts & crafts of Satan's Ouija, The Satanic Runes. I made a sawblade flail.
Leather journal
how do you document your memories?
Diary herein for the most part, then secret entries in My Black Book of Shadows.
Pocketed dress
is there something you take with you everywhere? If not, is there something you wish you could take with you everywhere?
Pendants, rings, Satanic Rosary, Satanic Bible.
Star charts
how often do you think about the future? Are you a planner or do you wing it?
From time to time, especially those on My "to do" list. Planned when ritualized, otherwise let synchronicity flow.

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