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Black Dragon Style briefing

"Make yourself a terror to your adversary, and when he goeth his way, he will possess much additional wisdom to ruminate over." - Satan 3:9, The Satanic Bible, Anton Szandor LaVey.

After years of studying and practicing various Martial Arts, including Kenpo Karate, Ninjutsu, Hap Ki Do, Judo, Kung Fu San Soo, and even Tae Kwon Do, not to mention Kendo and Bushido weaponry, I eventually created My own fighting style.

Black Dragon-style is at once offense and defense - a block is also a strike, and resembles a combination of Snake and Dragon Kung Fu. Often, a block is accompanied by an additional strike as well. Stance tends to be still, with eyes and graceful movement following the opponent, not allowing any indication as to one's next intent, until an explosive and virtually unpredictably lightning-fast attack occurs, most often overwhelming an opponent.

Another method is utilizing pressure points to disable an opponent, delivered with an unexpected heel, elbow, or punch, which is employed at the same instance of a strike, or even when retracting from an intitial blow. The purpose of the latter is to "disassemble" the opponent, rendering limbs limp, which shall remain with them for time to come.

I developed this technique while in competition, and through trial and error, seeing what worked, ever perfecting it until it developed into a dynamic method which is virtually unbeatable. It takes quick thinking, and relies moreso on sense rather than contemplation. If one is truly proficient, one can deliver two and even three debilitating effects in one or two swift movements.

Psychologically, you cloud their mind with transmissions of defeat, weakness, and fear. You draw their energy into yourself to double the force of the strike. One transmits images into their brains, and project dreadful incarnations of what one wishes them to see.

Shidoshi Blackthorne
Sensei, Black Dragon Dojo

For a long while, ever since I wrote The Infernal Alignment, I had been considering writing a book on the subject of Satanic Martial Arts, prompted by point number one: "Physical Superiority", which goes beyond merely weightlifting, but shall definitely be an adjunct to enhance the "Black Martial Art"; so, contingent on this post, I will be starting work on a new book "The Satanic Warrior". which is long overdo.

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