Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil as a gentleman is a Vampire


6. Hellfired Drægon pin & medallion: Release The Basilisk! There entwined, the totemic serpentine drægon hisses and coils, slithering about the Baphomet sigil in malevolence & lust. Waiting, watching, diabolic eyes glistening from The Pit... Beware...
6. Satan's Hellfire red Baphomet: Bloodred medallion with a deep silver coloration, almost black nickel. Hellfires of Lust and The Abyss. Passion's thrall. A pleasing possession in timeless rumination.
6. Order of The Trapezoid medallion {round}: Satan's Trident festooned in Hell arises through the Black Earth into the 3rd & 4th dimensions, to emerge through the angles of the pentrapezohedron gateway, presenting the infernal trifecta in its wake, the Beast within manifest. Most appropriate for manifestation rites, to be worn appropriately. Trinary perspective of undefiled wisdom manifesting in consciousness, The Gates of Hell opened to unleash Dæmonic omnipotence. 𖤐

Winged Skull of Ur

T💀V Emporium

Winged Skull of Ur pendant: Having possessed the arcane variation since forever, this most pleasing 'Shadow Series' bloodred on nocturnal black emblem asserts infernal associations, filled with lifeforce. Veritable winged 'solunar' disc, revealing the vampiric skull of the predator elite culling the masses for immortal consumption. Top of the food chain!
Winged Skull of Ur shirt: For personal accentuation, undergarment & recreational contemplation. Light, stretchy material, and flattering to the form. Likened Shadow series style, Red print suggested.

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