DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mysteries of The Unexplained

A very pleasing, entertaining, educational, and evocative presentation reminiscent of the Mysteries of The Unknown book series by Time/Life. Blends seamlessly from story to another, with delightful subject matter including

  • UFO's, aliens: Roswell crash & graylien bodies mentioned being kept in a hanger}.
  • Sasquatch, yeti: from the PNW featuring the Patterson footage, to the Himalayas.
  • Nessie: I believe it is a surviving plesiosaur preserved in ideal conditions, with other additional theories of perhaps being an eel.
  • Psychics & spiritism: Includes a brief biography on Crowley, the SPR {Society for Psychical Research}, the seance craze and the government to police agencies using remote viewers to gain an edge & solve cold cases - one discussed tracing a little missing girl finally sadly found murdered.
  • ghosts, hauntings: Includes a parapsychical test on a haunted hotel room which unfortunately yielded no evidence, to a castle in Scotland featuring a lady in white, murdered monks, and a glowing boy whose skeletal remains were discovered within a fireplace wall - who stopped appearing after that.
  • poltergeists, possession: Sort of blended the two - 2 little girls emanating sporadic psychic energy to effect the environment, causing telekinetic havoc, and assuming alternate voices of someone who died in that room}.
  • reincarnation {recounts Buddhist explanations of karmic transmigration.
  • Zombies: The administering of certain plants and herbs for the purpose of attaining a zombie used for slavery. An actual case history of Clairvius Narcisse who was buried and reanimated.
  • past lives: Displays a session with a tortured, murdered woman, and a boy displaying birthmarks where his past incarnation had been shot during a robbery attempt.
  • life after death: A woman dies during a procedure and is brought back to life to tell of meeting deceased relatives dressed in light. Being pulled out of the body, then pushed back in.
  • healing: A woman seeks out a healer to desperately gain control of her deadly cancer, which diminished and went into remission - working with energy, where sometimes a 'placebo' may be the zeitgeist to activate immune system recuperation, etc.

Overall, all those interesting, fascinating subjects studied through a plethora of occult and paranormal books, everything from Edgar Cayce to Seth Speaks, to The Satanic Bible, various grimoires, and shows {from Sightings to In Search Of}, and taking classes in Parapsychology with Dr. Diane Morrissey.


HISTORY'S MYSTERIES [Superstitions]: Recounts many of the foundations of the intriguing superstitions practiced today. I cover the subject in DRACOMEROTH within Superstition vs. Stuporstition, the difference between being controlled by those traditions, and otherwise using them for one's psychodramatic benefit, preserving and enhancing The Magical Mindset with perspective.

America's Mysterious Places [Mysteries of America's Haunted Sights]: 1. Salem, Massachusettes: Features a marriage ceremony {holding a pentacle patent aloft, then descending it earthward}, an interview, and a love spell.
2. Tombstone, Arizona: Relates the oldwest legends of Geronimo, Cochise, and gunslingers. A visit to "Boot Hill", and an area with the name "skeleton" in it regarding a deadly pass where merchants were killed traveling up from mexico, and an area where natives ambushed many paleface.
3. Coral Castle, Florida: A visit to Edward Lee Skullman's place said t be built for his sweet 16 love who never came. The wonder is in how did a diminutive man of his physical stature managed to transport and carve massive tons heavy coral rock into so many intriguing shapes - I saw pure ingenuity! There must have been magnetism involved, as well as chemical reactions when water is applied, making them slippery, as well as molding into shapes, sort of like a sponge. Of particular note, the video for song Sweet Sixteen by Billy Idol was filmed there.

BOB LARSON [The Six Strongholds of SATAN]: Larson coaxes mental illness from audience members to exploit for entertainment purposes. The so-called strongholds of Satan are essentially comprised of elements of the seven deadly sins, natural instincts to be indulged in responsibly and used for motivation.
He præys on a deaf-mute woman {maybe retarded, who ends up dancing on stage}, and a cute chubby blonde lady possessed by "anger", who doesn't seem too enthusiastic about being hugged after the "depossession".

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