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A filmographic evocation

Film: Poor Devil {Comedy, 1973 c.e.}

Now here is an obscure comedy film I would love to see made available on DVD and/or VHS, that stars Sammy Davis Jr., Christopher Lee as Satan, and Adam West as a diabolical villain. I remember watching this late one night and recall somewhere in the beginning, a character searching through the yellow pages to call The Church of Satan {which had an actual phone number listed up until the early 90's}; as well as a very impressive Pentagram crowned with horns and an inverted cross around its perimeter. located on a wall behind a desk and chair.

Side Note: Dr. LaVey attended one of Davis' performances in Las Vegas at the Circle Star Theatre in Year IX, wherein Davis flashed The Cornu when he saw him seated in the front row, while wearing a Baphomet medallion.

If anyone reading this happens to have a copy of this movie, I would be interested in obtaining a recording.

UPDATE: Found a source! HS!
Tags: poor devil, sammy davis jr.

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