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Dragon cane

I Am a collector of canes, both for aesthetic value as well as self-defense, so I was very delighted when I came back to The Lair with this beauty {above}. Dark Cherry-wood with red serpantine dragon design on the body. A totem. Presently, I have five canes:

"Diabolus" {right}: Sleek black cane with devil head tip, encircled in flames with serpent entwining 'round.

Black Thorn {left}: Genuine polished black thorn used exclusively for Vampiric Communion.

Sonoma Shillelagh {above}: Metal-core steel-reinforced black gloss cane with brutal blunt tip, guarenteed to crack skulls.

"Werewolf" Cane: My "Barnabas Collins" cane, black polished with silver-tipped wolf's head - a beautifully classic piece.
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