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Kill Bill

Kill Bill
{XXXVIII A.S., Starring Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox; Directed by Quentin Tarantino}.

An intersting use of 70's past orthodoxy Martial Arts films, from language to aesthetics to music, with the inclusion of what may be considered current attractiveness with the female characters in the film, who take prominance as far as major roles are concerned. "The Bride/Black Mamba" {a blonde Uma Thurman} must gain vengeance for injustuces levelled against her which takes her all the way to Japan, where she trains with a Samurai Master to prepare for a duel to the death with her nemesis, an Amerasian beauty who leads a network of Yakuza. She is presented with a special katana sword likened a veritable Excalibur for this purpose. Vignettes illustrate the personal circumstances of the major characters which lead to their paths of battle, and cross-interpolations between the other warrior women.

David Carradine {Kwai Chang Caine himself} acts as a sort of "Bosley" to a secret organization of sexy assassins reminiscent of "Charlie's Angels", whom he leads to eliminate certain threats to his organization, which initially included The Bride who fell into a coma, although because of the Bushido code, is spared in favor of an eventual honorable bout. While in her coma, she is raped repeatedly by an orderly named "Chuck", who had begun bringing others for this pseudo-necrophiliac activity. She gains her revenge against them as well.

The Bride wears a yellow jumpsuit with the black line up the side, a-la Bruce Lee, during a mass cluster fight with black-suited subordinates, and the protagonist are female, eventually meeting in a ridiculously bloody battle between she and the villainess' forces, which includes a cutely psychotic schoolgirl and a military general. The bloodshed spurts like jet fountains, and reminded Me of the scene in The Addams Family wherein Wednesday and Pugsley were performing at the PTA event, with the words "A hit! A very palpable hit!" comes to mind.

Overall, an impressive "scalping" occurs, an impalement, and various ubiquitous feats of extraordinary acrobatics.

Rating: 3/5.

Tags: film review, kill bill, martial arts

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