DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Independence by rebellion is omni-emblematic, every nation has their birthday, freedom day, but the symbolism is shared to represent sovereignty, and the fight to keep it that way if necessary, lest theocratic tyranny attempt dominance. Of course, the primary deference is to the 1st rebel LUCIFER incarnated in The Self. The I in Independence is the focus. Ave Luciferi! Rege Satanas!

Tags: archetypes, black mass, blasphemy, holiday, iconography, independence, lucifer, poem, poetry, psychodrama, ritual, satanic serenades, seasons in hell, symbolism, united satanic america

Posts from This Journal “independence” Tag

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    B LACKTHORNE T HEATER / S PECHTREUM 1st Rebel, self-made King. Liberation from demiurgic tyranny to forge one's own path. True strength…

  • Luciferi Excelsi!

  • Luciferi Excelsi! Diabolus Supremus!

  • Ave Luciferi! Rege Satanas!

    S EASONS I N H ELL W hen I see fireworks blasting in air, what I perceive is more truthfully the legend of Lucifer, the first rebel…

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    B esides the always exhilarating, empowering Luciferian Independence Day observations, accompanied by a sumptuous feast of hellfired flesh,…

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    Originally posted by dblackthorne at United Satanic America Rite For our American members: THE GREAT SATAN: United Satanic America…


    United Satanic America Rite

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    A Memorial Day, Independence, Veteran's day consideration, observation & contemplation upon the 1st Satanic Republic.

  • Lucifer Day

    Extolling The Ultimate Prideful Rebel, on the occasion of Lucifer Day. ∞

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