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I think I may have seen two UFO's while out at Satan's Hollow tonight. By UFO, of course, I Am referring to its base definition, I Am not necessarily stating that what I witnessed was of extra-terrestrial origin.

In the area of the Eastern Star, a light about the size of the star itself, which itself looks like a point of light - there was no discernable shape beyond that. What appeared to be a distant "searchlight" emminated therefrom, right down in My direction. I also considered that perhaps it may have been a distant plane, but there was no sound, and as soon as it appeared, it vanished. And as far as I have seen in the year and a half residing here, there is no plane route travelling in that direction. Then I noticed the single cloud near it seemed to multiply in mass, assuming an arc shape. A few minutes later, it happened again in the very same locale.

I shall have to keep a watch on that area in order to determine if there is some sort of practical explanation for the apparition. But for now, it is definitely "unidentified".

Tags: paranormal, parapsychology, satan's hollow, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside, ufo, urban legends

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