DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ouija oracle coaster


Ouija coaster

Evil Eye Pentagram Ouija oracle planchette coaster
Spooky Kook

Created in the traditional "heart" shape of the Ouijaboard oracle, now one's skullmug or goblet, statuette, gargoyle, urn, or dish can 'coast' on these hellegant salvers.

Having appreciated the aesthetic & history of the board, as an object d'art and Jungian shadowside tool of the unconscious, I find these a hexcellent accent to one's total environment Lair, complementing the Gothic style. Note the proper positioning of The Satanic Pentagram accompanied by skulls as if to say HELLO & GOODBYE. Reminds one of the splendid Hammer film THE SKULL.

Soft felt beneath, which can easily slide across a table if needs be for an impromptu divinatory session, perhaps utilizing the Dæmonicromnium.

Tags: addams family, aesthetics, art, gothic, hammer, lair decor, munsters, novelties, novelty, occult, oddities, oracles, ouija, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, psychology, spechtreum, supernatural, total environment

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